Listen to Podcast interview with OBL CEO on Biometric Operational Monitoring & Analytics

Security News Information Podcast interview on Biometric Operational Monitoring & Analytics

On development of Operational Monitoring and Reporting, today, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Mr. Ravi Das, President of the Chicago-based Apollo Biometrics Inc. on Security News Information Podcast channel via the internet radio show and podcast service BlogTalkRadio. Here is the direct link to the Podcast episode.

Here is Mr. Ravi’s introduction to the show:

In the past interviews we have had the pleasure to talk with C-Level Executives about their various product lines.  We have learned about new product applications ranging all the way from vein pattern recognition being used in the healthcare sector to iris recognition being used to scan people from far distances and while they are on the move at international airport settings.  But today, we have the unique opportunity to see Biometrics from a totally different perspective.  This is from the angle of Biometrics testing and analysis.  This is often an overlooked component in Biometrics deployments and installations.  For example, if you were to procure a Biometric system, how do you know if it really works unless you do some testing on it?  In this radio show, we have the pleasure to interview Mr. Babak Goudarzipour, CEO, of Optimum Biometric Labs.  They have a unique product called ‘BioUptime”.  It measures four distinct characteristics in your Biometric system, such as:




*and Performance.

We find out more about “BioUptime” from Mr. Pour, as well as how it is currently deployed, and how customers benefit from it.

I like to thank Mr. Ravi Das for this opportunity.
Babak Goudarzipour

Source: Learn More About Biometric Operational Monitoring & Analytics on Security News Information Podcast

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