Let’s meet at the International Biometric Performance Testing Conference in Gaithersburg, MD

International Biometric Performance Testing Conference 2014
International Biometric Performance Testing Conference 2014
Image source: NIST

We are going to be present at this year’s International Biometric Performance Testing Conference (IBPC) in Gaithersburg, MD. Here is the conference webpage and the IBPC 2014 Program. The three days event will deal with topics and issues where a remote operational monitoring tool (such as BioUptime) could play a pivotal role as a solution.

Let’s connect to discuss remote operational monitoring for your installations!


Image source: NIST






Come and see us: IriTech’s IriSecureID and BioUptime demo at 2013 Biometrics Consortium Conference

Biometrics 2013, Tampa, FL

We will be demoing BioUptime with IriTech‘s new cloud-based iris recognition service IriSecureID.
Let’s meet up at IriTech booth #223!

Event: 2013 (BCC) Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo
Location:  Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL, IriTech booth #223
Time: September 17 – 19, 2013

Just released: Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs

It all started, back in 2002, as an ambitious master’s thesis project performed by the co-founders of Optimum Biometric Labs and presented at the Biometric Identification short course at the UCLA Extension held by Dr. James L. Wayman.

Almost 10 R&D years later in a convergence area between several IT disciplines (e.g. biometrics, application performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis), Optimum Biometric Labs packages and releases its know-how and experience in this Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs.

This Best Practices is concerned with the use of standards, methods, processes, frameworks, and IT tools to support end-users’ and businesses’ expectations associated with Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance of biometric-based verification and identification systems and applications.

Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) is using real-time data to detect, diagnose, report, and recover issues, or potential issues, in order to ensure that end-customers’ business goals and requirements are met or exceeded.

“We want to celebrate our 10 years progress in Biometrics Performance Monitoring by sharing our know-how with the biometric industry and the end-user community. I think the time is finally right to raise the awareness and bring focus in this important (but until now unclear) area because customers in the market for biometrics should be demanding higher quality of biometrics systems, applications, and services (in terms of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance) while keeping the operational costs (such as downtime, maintenance, malfunctions) at a minimum.”, says Babak Goudarzi Pour co-author of this work, CEO and a BPM Evangelist at Optimum Biometric Labs.

Dedicated Web Portal

For the purpose of world-wide dissemination of and collaboration in this Best Practices, Optimum Biometric Labs has launched a dedicated web portal where the Best Practices document and a number of useful supporting material can be found: www.BiometricsPerformanceMonitoring.Org

Creating a new product category 

With introduction of this Best Practices, Optimum Biometrics Labs wants to formally create a new category of products called Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) tools. “We haven’t invented the concept, but we have developed it along with the first specialized, stand-alone, and off-the-shelf software tool in the market for managing the concept (see BioUptime)”, says Babak Goudarzi Pour.

He further emphasizes: “We greatly welcome competition and collaboration to expand this opportunity and discipline. In the market place any given biometric deployment is in fact mission critical when it needs to perform its task for its users and business owner; whether that installation is an Automated Border Control system or a biometric school lunch system”.

New On-Site Course, Book yours at BCC 2011

In conjunction with this release the company now offers this Best Practices as an on-site short course (starting from October 31) which will be brought to customer’s workplace or any preferred location. That this course is on-site has many attractive advantages:

  • Cost (and time) savings by eliminating participant (e.g. employees) travel expenses
  • Convenient location access and time flexibility to fit employees’ schedule
  • Option to have room for a greater number of participants
  • Allow for open discussions among participants (e.g. employees)

For interested companies and organizations, there are two simple ways to book this lecture:

  1. By meeting us at BCC 2011 in Tampa, FL (September 27-29), we are at Booth # 211 with our partner AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc. Babak will go around to meet with vendors and to share a ticket with QR-code for easy access to the lecture’s information page and for registering early interest from smart phones and tablets.
  2. By contacting Babak Goudarzi Pour: Phone (USA): +1 714 609 4815, Phone (Sweden and Europe): +46 707 404 623, Skype: random_precision

About Optimum Biometric Labs: Founded in 2003 in Sweden, Optimum Biometric Labs develops, markets, and sells BioUptime which is a monitoring software for supervising infrastructure reliability, availability, maintainability, and performance. BioUptime monitors critical hardware and software elements and subsystem components such as biometric capture devices, applications, services, usage, and more. The product’s key benefits enable customers to 1) measure, meet and exceed service level agreements 2) reduce maintenance and operational costs, 3) maximize operational performance, reliability, and availability. Optimum Biometric Labs also specializes in biometrics and BioUptime-related professional services.

See us and BioUptime at BCC 2011, Tampa, FL, on September 27 – 29, Booth # 211

Come and see us at BCC 2011, Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL, USA on September 27 – 29, 2011.

We will demo how BioUptime monitors the enrollment module of BIMS (Biometrics Identification on the Move System). BIMS is a DHS-sponsored project led by AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc.

We are at Booth # 211 with our partner AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc.

We are looking forward to meet you there.