Founded in 2003, Optimum Biometric Labs pioneered the cloud and big data concepts for monitoring vital operational aspects of connected biometric devices and services. Today, the company is helping biometric operators and system-owners to offer and maintain maximum quality to their users while minimizing their operational costs.

Problem, What market-need do we address

In mission critical biometrics applications four types of requirements are typically asked by customers: Reliability (e.g. mean-time-to-failure), Availability (e.g. maximum-allowed-downtime), Maintainability (e.g. maximum-time-to-recovery or repair), and Performance (e.g. a low performing sub-system component). In relation to a supplier or a system owner, an end-user customer requires fulfillment of a set of defined and agreed metrics in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Once a biometric installation is up and running its owner wants to ensure it consistently performs at its optimum level. It is therefore crucial to monitor biometrics systems and sub-components.

Solution, What does our company do

Optimum Biometric Labs develops, markets, and sells BioUptime which is a monitoring software for supervising infrastructure reliability, availability, maintainability, and performance. BioUptime monitors critical hardware and software elements and subsystem components such as biometric capture devices, applications, services, usage, and more. The product’s key benefits enable customers to 1) measure, meet and exceed service level agreements 2) reduce maintenance and operational costs, 3) maximize operational performance, reliability, and availability. Optimum Biometric Labs also specializes in biometrics and BioUptime-related professional services. Our vision is to remain at the forefront in the market by delivering true values.

We turn Information into Knowledge allowing our customers to turn that Knowledge into Value.

Underlying magic, What makes our company special

We are uniquely positioned in the convergence area of two emerging markets: Biometrics and IT Event Correlation and Analysis (ECA). Our engagement and influence in the international standardization work, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37-Biometrics, has so far resulted in the dedicated section: “Operational system monitoring” in the international standard draft ISO/IEC FCD 19795-6.

Our competitive advantage is our expertise in the two emerging fields, Biometrics and IT Event Correlation and Analysis, and our unique know-how and influence in the international standardization, ISO.


BioUptime is in the market of Event Correlation and Analysis (ECA) products. According to Gartner, see Gartner definition/report: Market leaders are IBM, HP, BMC Software, Microsoft, CA Technologies. Visionaries are Quest Software, Zenoss, and NetIQ. Some of niche-players are Uptime software, Tango/04, Groundwork open source, Argent software, eG Innovations.

Awards and Recognitions

Venture Cup step 3 2005
Optimum Biometric Labs both submissions to this contest were chosen as to be among the 10 best out of 49 submissions for this final step of the Venture Cup competition.

Venture Cup step 2 2005
OBL won Venture Cup step 2 with Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and was nominated with Optimum Precon (BioUptime). The market plan for the two business ideas was judged in this step.

Venture Cup step 1 2004
OBL won Venture Cup step 1 with Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and was nominated with Optimum Precon (BioUptime).

VINN NU 2004
OBL was awarded among top 20 most innovative companies in Sweden’s largest competition for innovative business ideas, the VINN-NU competition arranged by VINNOVA and Nutek.

ALMI Innovation prize
OBL received the ALMI Innovation Prize and was a finalist in the Skapa Foundation Award.

Innovation Cup 2003
Awarded from the Innovation Cup, region south-Sweden, proceeding to the national final.

Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan 2003
Received the highest prize from the Sparbankstiftelsen Kronan.

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