We realize a working partnership is essential for business growth and to create customer success stories. This is why and how we have designed the BioUptime Partnership Programs with the ultimate goal to increase revenue and profit for our company and our Partners while creating success stories for customers. We aim to do this by excellent products, services, and partnerships.


Integrator & Solution Partner

Major prime contractors and system integrators (Global and Local) who provide, to major customers, holistic solutions and system-level architectures in which BioUptime can play a role in simplifying operations while cutting cost, downtime and risk. We collaborate with them at the technological and strategic level to identify opportunities where BioUptime can create value for a variety of their customers with similar needs. Learn more >>

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partner:

Companies that market and sell BioUptime to specific vertical markets in which BioUptime can simplify operations while cutting cost, downtime and risk. VAR partners act as OBL’s technical sales force in specific geographic markets. They build and sell their own offerings based on BioUptime and OBL’s professional services. Learn more >>

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner:

Companies that embed and sell BioUptime as part of their integrated products or solutions in which BioUptime can simplify operations while cutting cost, downtime and risk. Learn more >>

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner:

MSPs are outsourcing agents or hosting companies who provide delivery and management of services, applications, and equipment to an end-customer organization or to other service providers. The services can include call center and support and monitoring/reporting of system and subsystem components. Learn more >>

BioUptime Ready™ Partner:

Technology vendors (software, hardware, or both) whose technology can make use of BioUptime’s key benefits. BioUptime complements and works (integrate or interoperate) with their products and adds measurable value to the overal solution to the customers. Learn more >>

Deployment & Consulting Partner:

An experienced consulting organization that specializes in BioUptime. This partner provides services to customers through a subcontractor relationship with OBL. The services include the full cycle of the client business case from case study, planning, client/agent integration, server installation, to testing and ongoing consultation and maintenance. Learn more >>

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