Who is a Referral Partner? 

A Referral Partner is an existing or a new referral partner who receives a referral fee for engaging with Optimum Biometric Labs on an existing project or by bringing to Optimum Biometric Labs’ knowledge a new customer project within an existing customer. A Referral Partner is not a member of any BioUptime Partner Program.


The objective of the BioUptime Referral Partner Program is to reward and recognize our Referral Partners.

How does it work
  1. You apply for becoming a BioUptime Referral Partner via our online lead registration form.
  2. We review and approve your application.
  3. Our companies sign a Referral Fee Agreement.
  4. We register and follow your opportunity (sales process).
  5. You receive payment 45 days after we receive payment from the customer.
Referral Fees

The referral fee payments are based on partner commitments in the sales process according to the following list:

  • 4% where sell is led by Optimum Biometric Labs. Partner commitments are:
    • Enable introduction to key decision makers and to technical staff involved in the decision making process
    • Have significant relationship with key decision/technical decision makers to provide intelligence into customer’s priorities
  • 8% where sell by Optimum Biometric Labs and Referral Partner (Collaborative). Partner commitments are:
    • All commitments from Optimum Biometric Labs-led Selling
    • Assist Optimum Biometric Labs with necessary information to respond appropriately to RFI/RFP
    • Joint presentation to prospect
    • Endorsement and/or design of Optimum Biometric Labs solutions into prospect’s project
    • Participate as part of the sales team – regular team communication
    • Assist in assessment of all aspects of project requirements
  • 12% where sell lead by Referral Partner. Partner commitments are:
    • Act as prime contact for the prospect – managing the sales cycle
    • Manage quote and RFP submissions
    • Negotiate pricing/discounts
    • Lead the sales team strategy – regular team communications

The referral fee payment for each opportunity is negotiated and agreed to in advance.

  • Referral Partner Program does not apply to BioUptime Partner Programs
  • Referral payments are paid based on the net license revenue only and not the professional services related to the opportunity

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