Guides and Tutorials


  • Study application and feature requirements such as installation types, unit types, event types, alert types, and SLA
  • If necessary, introduce new event types and alert rules (logic)
  • Implement BioUptime client (see Developing Client)
    1. Generate client side code (client interface files) based on the BioUptime web service functions (WSDL-file)
    2. Retrieve a
    3. Implement (compile) the BUClient (see API documentation)

Site (Installation) Setup and Configuration (takes approx. 2 hours*)

  1. Create Super Admin (see UI Manual)
  2. Create other BioUptime users
  3. Create organization
  4. Create contacts at organization
  5. Verify predefined installation types and unit types
  6. Create new installation types and unit types and connect them
  7. Create installation
  8. Download config (XML) file
  9. Install BioUptime agent(s) at an installation. Bring together:
    • Config XML file
    • BioUptime client side code (either as a stand-alone application or integrated into your existing software)
    • Unit to be monitored (e.g. biometric scanning device, server, web service, website, usb module etc.)
  10. Start up BioUptime agent(s) with access to the configuration file and prepare for autostart
  11. Verify monitoring on the BioUptime UI

Continuous Monitoring (see UI Manual)

  • Receive alarms
  • Analyse root-cause via BioUptime UI
  • Respond

* depending on the site complexity. This is for a basic site consisting of a few unit types.