About Biometrics Performance Monitoring

Relevant standards

ISO/IEC 2382-14 Information technology – Vocabulary – Part 14: Reliability, maintainability, availability

ISO/IEC 19795 (all parts) Information technology – Biometric performance testing and reporting

ISO/IEC 29197 Introductory element — Evaluation Methodology for Environmental Influence in Biometric Systems (ISO/IEC WD 29197, Target publication date: 2013-08-11)

ISO/IEC 19784 (Parts 1, 2, 4), Information technology – Biometric application programming interface

ISO/IEC DIS 2382-37 Information technology — Vocabulary — Part 37: Harmonized biometric vocabulary (ISO/IEC DIS 2382-37, Target publication date: 2013-01-24)

SP 500-288 – Rev 0 – Draft 2 (WS-BD is a specification describing how to expose a biometric sensor to various clients via web services.)

Relevant external resources

Biometric metrics

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