OBL to lead new international OASIS standard for Web Services-based operational monitoring of biometric devices and services

OASIS Open, Web Services-based Operational Monitoring and Reporting

Today, OASIS Open assigned Optimum Biometric Labs to lead a new international standard for Web Services-based operational monitoring and reporting of biometric devices and services. This couldn’t be more timely. For 2014, we envisioned a yet closer merger of biometric technologies and ‘Internet of Things’. The background: beside observing the trends for more than a decade, we assumed our pioneering and contributing role for this to happen had a good chance to becoming accepted and formal. We sensed the time was finally ripe to raise the awareness and equip the biometric customers with the framework and tools with which they could use a common language to set minimum quality requirements and to deploy associated monitoring and management.

We think this is truly essential news not only for the end-user community but also a significant milestone and a step forward for the industry to progress, expand, and offer new business models to monetize service agreements to complement their core business and products. What we expect to see is an advent of innovative vendors offering powerful remote biometric device and service management.

The new standard initiative aims to assist biometric operators and system owners to

  • instantly and remotely know what is going on with their installation resources,
  • improve overall system quality and usability and assist individual users with usage difficulties,
  • prevent system or envioronment-related issues and proactively pinpoint and resolve early warnings and problems,
  • optimize site maintenance while minimizing the operational costs

Our New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) sent to and approved by OASIS is based on the ‘Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs‘ that we had previously published. This white paper and its dedicated web portal focus on the use of standards, definitions, methods, and new Web Services to support biometric customers when it comes to four fundamental properties in any biometric­ application: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance.

Suppliers and End-user organizations interested in supporting this initiative by working with us for integration and potential ‘Statement of Use / Reference case’ are welcome to submit this form on our website.

For those interested in following or participating in the progress of this work or other projects in the OASIS Biometrics TC, please check out https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/biometrics
– Thanks Kevin for this info!

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About Optimum Biometric Labs:
Founded in 2003 in Sweden, Optimum Biometric Labs pioneered the cloud, big data, and ‘Internet of Things’ concepts for monitoring vital operational aspects of connected biometric devices and services. Today, the company is helping biometrics operators and system-owners to offer and maintain maximum quality to users while minimizing operational costs.