How can we enhance our after-sales service offerings? How do our products perform in real-world applications?

Challenges for: Biometric vendor, Biometric Service Provider (BSP)
Key role/function: CTO, Product Manager, Sales Manager

We assume that you are considering to enhance your after-sales service and support offerings. You may also be interested in collecting data from your existing customers to understand and prove how well your products do serve their business objectives. Do the following considerations sound familiar to you?

After-sales support, Positioning

  • How can we enhance our after-sales support and service offerings to our customers and partners? How can we improve our positioning?
  • A prospect has a strict SLA in its Request for Proposal (RFP), how can we strengthen our consortia to meet the requirements? how can we increase our chances in bidding contests?

Feedback from real-world

  • Our R&D unit would make great use of consolidated performance statistics from our customers’ sites, how would this collecting and analyzing be feasible in a simple and cost efficient way?

Operational testing

  • Our products have previously undergone technology and scenario testing. We are in a pilot stage, where do we find an efficient tool to perform operational
Stay ahead of competitors.
The versatility that BioUptime offers places the biometric vendor and its partners steps ahead of competitors; particularly when it comes to participating in bidding contests and responding to tender inquiries.

Consider these clear-cut benefits:

  • Improve your competitive advantages by extending your value-added solutions with a comprehensive after-sales support framework and technology that strengthen your positioning in the market
  • Easily consolidate real-world performance feedback to:
    • Optimize algorithm/device/system performance*
    • Learn from user-interaction to improve usability
    • Measure and improve reliability**
  • Provide cost efficient operational testing during your pilots and view the results remotely as testing evolves in time

*Usability and security performance metrics such as failure-to-acquire, failure-to-enroll, false accept and false reject

**Reliability performance metrics of your biometric products such as mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) and mean-time-between-failure (MTBF)

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