Downtime is not an option.

Challenges for: End-customer
Key role/function: CIO, CSO

We assume that you are using a biometric-based service today or are in the implementation stage of procuring, installing and managing biometrics for your organization. You should then recognize the following questions and challenges:


  • What is our Operational Availability requirement?
  • How do we measure it? how often? how efficient?


  • What is our Maintenance and Support requirement, strategy and budget?
  • How can we keep the support in-house while keeping the operating and maintenance cost to a minimum?
  • Where can we get the capability to measure our efficiency on Maintenance and Support over time at any time?

Reliability and Security

  • How can we approach and maintain maximum Reliability and Security in our biometric applications?
Set your Requirements.
Be proactive. Be relaxed.
A business mission relying on biometrics would fail if necessary policy and controls are not in place to support the maintenance and management team when a problem occurs and escalates.

We strongly believe in a proactive approach in order to solve a range of operational issues. This not only saves cost but also improves Reliability, Availability and Maintainability; factors that if improved lead to higher overall Security and Usability.

BioUptime will assist you to:

  • Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your biometric investment by reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increase biometric uptime and maximize Quality of Service, productivity and user satisfaction
  • Improve operational reliability and thereby the total security in your biometric solutions

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