How do we solve our SLA challenges?

Challenges for: Prime Contractor
Key role/function: CIO, Sales Manager

We assume that you provide your customers with after-sales support and service. Then you should recognize the following questions and challenges:

  • How do we know if we meet our Service Level Agreement (SLA) or not? and why?
  • How do we measure our SLA? we need to present documented SLA reports to our customer to prove that we hold our promises within the scope that we agreed.
  • When a problem occurs, how fast are we able to find out what the root-cause is? How can we minimize the time to recovery?
Deliver the quality of service that customer wants. Reduce maintenance.
By implementing the most efficient management policy and technology you will be able to solve operational issues in a proactive way. BioUptime helps you to:
  • Measure, meet and exceed Service Level Agreement
  • Present documented SLA performance report to your customer
  • Monitor operational availability and condition status of wide-spread biometric sites from one single point
  • Meet agreed Maximum or Mean-Time-To-Recovery by:
    • Early detect and eliminate root-cause of failure
    • Improved troubleshooting management
  • Save time wasted on diagnosing issues
  • Reduce downtime, maintenance & operational costs
  • Provide best possible customer support and user experience

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