Our users spot problems before we do.

Challenges for: Maintenance & Support Center
Key role/function: IT / System Administrator, Operator, First-line support

We assume that you are in charge of day-to-day maintenance and management of biometric devices/services/applications. The following questions then should sound familiar.

  • How do we know that our biometrics are up and running and performing as intended?
  • How early are we notified that a biometric device/service/application is down or performing poorly?
  • How can we get an instant overview of the condition status of our biometric sites that are geographically wide-spread?
  • How can we spot the problems before the user does?
  • How can we easily manage the alerts?
Remote Biometric Device/Service Management makes the life easier.Imagine if you would be able to spot problems instead of having your users reporting them to you. Imagine if your biometric devices, services and applications could report their health condition to you. Think of the ability to remotely monitor your sites from one centralized console at any time you want. With BioUptime, we bring to you the concept of the industry-recognized Remote Device Management (RDM). Now, we can start to enjoy the benefits of Remote Biometric Device/Service Management:

  • Monitor operational availability and condition status of wide-spread biometric sites from one single point
  • Meet agreed Maximum or Mean-Time-To-Recovery by:
    • Early detect and eliminate root-cause of failure
    • Improved troubleshooting management
  • Save time wasted on diagnosing issues
  • Reduce downtime, maintenance & operational costs

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